David Hamilton et ses jeunes filles: la joie de vivre absolue!

David Hamilton à Capri, vers 1969.

Voici quelques images fameuses – et, pour nombre d’entre elles, souvent publiées dans la presse (Paris Match, etc) – de David Hamilton et des plus jolies de ses modèles, actrices, amies, nymphes… La joie de vivre qui s’en dégage est tout simplement émouvante. Et indéniable. Qui sait ce que sont devenues ces jeunes filles d’antan? Quels souvenirs merveilleux elles ont gardé des heures enchantées qu’elles ont  vécues? David Hamilton était, il fut à l’évidence l’un des hommes les plus séduisants et charismatiques de son époque. Capable de grandes amitiés et de grandes amours. Au début des années 1980 évoluent les jeunes filles qui seront – à notre avis – les dernières vraies muses, les dernières vraies nymphes de David Hamilton. Quelques années plus tard, l’époque ayant changé, arriveront trop de profiteuses, d’arrivistes et de petites Miss Minables.

Tournage du film « Bilitis » (1977). Image parue dans la grande presse française.

Fameuse photographie, parue souvent et notamment dans la presse. Tournage du film « Biltis ». 1977.

David Hamilton et l’une de ses modèles, connue sous le pseudonyme de « Joan », vers 1978.

David Hamilton et l’une de ses modèles (Nicky).

David Hamilton et l’une des plus belles, des plus émouvantes de ses modèles, Esther (photographies, cartes postales, film).

Tournage de « Bilitis », 1977. Photographie souvent publiée, notamment dans la grande presse française de l’époque.

David Hamilton au miroir, avec l’une de ses modèles (Anémone).

Superbe photographie de David Hamilton avec Joan, en 1979, lors du tournage du film « Laura les ombres de l’été » (film avec Dawn Dunlap)

David Hamilton en 1983 avec l’actrice allemande Monika Broeke, lors du tournage du film « Premiers désirs ».

David Hamilton en 1980 avec l’actrice allemande Anja Schute, peu avant le tournage du film « Tendres cousines ». Anja Schute, lors de la mort du photographe, a défendu publiquement – dans la presse – David Hamilton.

Magnifique photographie avec l’une de ses modèles, Mina. La photo a été prise à Paris, en 1985.

Photographie – absolument sublime – de David Hamilton, en 1983, avec l’une de ses modèles (Esther).

David Hamilton, dans le sud de la France,en 1983.

Photographie, souvent parue dans la grande presse française, de David Hamilton au milieu de ses actrices. Au milieu de ses amies.

Photographie, parue souvent dans la presse française, de David Hamilton au milieu de ses actrices et amies. Ici, parexemple,  on reconnaît Joan, Esther et l’actrice allemande Monika Broeke.

David Hamilton et l’une de ses modèles, Catherina, vers 1982, dans le sud de la France.

David Hamilton et l’une de ses modèles, Lisette, dans le sud de la France vers 1980.


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2 commentaires pour David Hamilton et ses jeunes filles: la joie de vivre absolue!

  1. Howe dit :

    Thank you for this site. You are passionately defending the memory of David Hamilton. In my case, as in many others I’m sure, you are preaching to the converted. Hamilton’s talent and ability to have captured images of the most beautiful form on Earth (in my opinion that of pubescent girls) has not been bettered even by Sally Mann or by Jock Sturges. This too is my opinion.

    That Hamilton was accused by two of the very people that he elevated the status of, and each of whom relished in the fame of at the time, is most unfortunate but understandable under the climate of woolly thinking that has pervaded our western culture in recent decades. Did these women simply want a share of Hamilton’s wealth? Or were they driven by the herd mentality of reporting of historical abuse more recently magnified by #metoo? Why was their alleged assault or rape not reported at the time? Psychological questions beyond me. Does historical sexual abuse really haunt a person years down the track, or is it that the person feels it should because others say that they suffered?

    If David Hamilton had given into the temptation of nubile young girls, who would blame him especially in the freer climate of sexual activity at that time? The male is typically predatory, a fact lost on many moral crusaders. However, most males can regulate their urges but we all would chance our luck if given the opportunity, in my opinion.

    Here in New Zealand it would be dangerous to try to import copies of Hamilton’s books (which are for sale on ebay and Amazon) for fear of being arrested and charged, at the very least, with importing and possessing child exploitation material, so restrictive is the law here on the use of images of minors. And yet, in the early 1980s I owned most of Hamilton’s work; it was available in many bookshops. How thinking has been distorted over the years! (My copies were disposed of some years ago as I feared getting caught. How silly was I. I should have kept and treasured them).

    I don’t stop listening to Michael Jackson songs because he was accused of impropriety with minors. And yet some radio stations have ceased playing his music as though to play it would be seen as condoning his alleged indiscretions. Why can our society not separate a person’s talent and contribution to the collective human knowledge pool, from that person’s sexual predilections and/or indiscretions?

    Oh well, I have no answers and I guess thinking will not change easily or quickly in western society. A little like the knee-jerk reaction to the Christchurch massacre earlier this year – the banning of automatic and semi-automatic guns here by the Government. Will this stop a similar event? No it won’t. But we have left ourselves more vulnerable due to the large scale rounding up and destruction of guns; guns which would have valuable self defense use should our country ever come under attack.

    All random thoughts I know. I hope you will see that there are others out here who are as frustrated as you by clouded, illogical thinking of lobbyists and lawmakers.

    You write so eloquently. I have little ability in writing so please read my comments as my attempt to offer some small input into the fight against over simplification in the judgments and rulings of Governments and persons of good intent. The blurring of lines that separate art and pornography, the one-size-fits-all rules and regulations mentality. Perhaps there is no way to change general thinking on sensitive issues.

    Keep up your good work.


  2. Hello, your comment is extremely long but I thank you. Being attached to the freedom of expression, I decide to publish it, even if I do not completely share all your points of view and although your commentary is written in English language and that my knowledge of English is limited.
    Personally, I think that David Hamilton had a lot of girls around him, that he had an immense artistic and human sensibility, that he often wrote in his books his refusal of violence. In other words, I do not think he needed to « rape » anyone. For the rest, Catherine Deneuve for example has also – just like you in this commentary – recently defended the freedom to « flirt ».
    In any event, the charges against David Hamilton have been brought out of time; they are unprovable; the complaints lodged against him during his lifetime, extremely rare (one or perhaps two) were rejected by the French justice. And, finally, the death of David Hamilton makes the legal action is extinguished.
    In your comment, you mention Michael Jackson. My opinion is probably different from yours. First of all, I must confess that I do not know Jackson’s songs and records. Better yet, I do not want to know them. Indeed, my own musical tastes lead me to love classical music, and opera. Certainly, the musical genre of Jackson, and what he represents, does not attract me. But most importantly, my blog speaks about David Hamilton, not about Michael Jackson. However, there are very big differences, it seems to me. David Hamilton was photographing female people, whereas (if I understood correctly) Michael Jackson was or is accused of having attended little boys. David Hamilton, in several interviews published in the French press over the years, has always insisted that he was strictly heterosexual. In short, the parallel between Hamilton and Jackson does not need to be done. In my opinion. To put it more clearly, if Michael Jackson slept with little boys under the age of ten, that represents something that seems to me insane and absurd.
    In the same way, the events of Christchurch seem to me a little off topic on this blog. I do not know the subject well, I do not know what the situation is in New Zealand, a country where I have never been, so I can not really comment on it.
    David Hamilton, to me, was absolutely not a « rapist ». But a great artist, famous worldwide for his photos (photos of young girls, of course, but also photographer fashion, landscapes, still lifes, flowers, cities like Venice…). On David Hamilton, I think we agree!



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