Dawn Dunlap

Journal INTERVIU, photos Michaël Montfort

For several days, our blog « In defense of David Hamilton » receives dozens or even hundreds (March 30, 2018: sometimes 300 visits per day!) from the United States.

We would first like to remind visitors from all countries that they can leave comments in German, Italian, Spanish, French (and even English if you really need it and do not speak any other language).

Then we would be curious to know the interests of our American visitors about David Hamilton.

As they have seen, our blog is interested in the actress Dawn Dunlap, and this naturally without the slightest voyeurism or porn vulgarity.

We would be delighted to exchange information with VERITABLES fans of David Hamilton’s cinematographic and photographic work.

We would like to know, among other things, how David Hamilton and Dawn Dunlap too are perceived today in the United States.

We hear from « true fans » of David Hamilton people who do not participate in the neo-puritan and neo-feminist campaign but who, at the same time, are interested in David Hamilton for intellectual, aesthetic and philosophical reasons, so far away any vulgarity.






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